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Gravity and Inertia via Radiation


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Gravity Concepts Paper

Double Force Paradox     TOC
Resolving Gravitational Anomalies

Creation of Momentum
Gravity Constants

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RF Energy Concepts Paper
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Gravity Shielding Updates 1.1
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RF Energy
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Web Site Table of Contents   TOC  

Gravity, Sect Home pg

Hollow Earth Heat Flow  Image

Abstract: Radiant Pressure Model

Model Features

Force Concepts 1900 AD

Light Shields Gravity

Notes & Copyright Notice

Comments & Suggestions

Figures & Images List

Table of Contents;  RF Energy

Overview of Main Sections

Web Site Images

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Radiation Pressure Section

Radiant Model of Remote Forces

Prime Radiant Force System

Radiant Space & Matter

Inverse Square Law

Total Shielding & Weight Loss

DENSARE Graph    Fig. 1

Planet Weight vs Area  Table 1

DENSARE Constant

Surface Gravity Limit

Radiant Press. Limit Exceptions

Surface Grav. / DENSARE Table


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Gravity Shielding Section

Total Shielding Path Length

G Radiation Shadowing  Fig. 2

Earth Shadow Data  Table 3

Minimum Quakes at Poles Fig.

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Gravity Anomalies Section

Gravity Anomalies via Eclipse

Eclipse via Pendulum

Topographical Gravity Variations

Mars Gravity Map   Fig. 3

Tidal Action Anomaly

Earth Gravity Anomaly

Summary of Evidence

Resolve Anomalies Section


Double Force Anomaly

Limit Grav Anoma

Gas Planet Anoma

Spiral Galaxy

Resolve Anomalies Continued

False Gravity Anomaly

Spacecraft Flyby Anomaly

Pioneer Spacecraft Slowdown

Symmetrical Variations
in Surface Gravity

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Radiation vs Energy Section

Prime Radiation Spectra vs Energy

Wave Model of Matter

Matter as Radiation

SCM Image: Quantum Coral  Fig.

The Electron

Heat Shells

Electrons vs Heat Shells


Inertia and Magnetism

Grav. Shielding in the Nucleus

Stepped Mass Loss GRAPH Fig.

Shielding vs Mass Conversion


Inertial Mass Shielding


Magnetism as Radiant Whirlpools

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Field Propulsion Section

Natural Interactions

Artificial Interactions

APPENDIX       A1-A7

Planet Parameters (1) Table 4 A1

Planet Parameters (2) Table 5 A2

Calc. Definitions

Calc: Black Shadow Path Length


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Images of Radiation_Section

Force via Unbalanced Radiation

E Force Field via Pos and Neg Probes

E Force Fields via Two Like Polarity Probes

E Field for Van de Graaf  Effect

Sinks and Sources: Static E Radiation

Capacitor E Field Flow Lines

Earth Polarization via Cosmic E field

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Creation of Momentum

Abstract: Create Momt.

Model Features

Radiation Shadow

Newton's Analogy

Heat Flow : : E Field

Secondary Radiation

Prime Radiation

Variable Light Speed

The Speed of Gravity

Character of Prime Radiation

Evidence of Prime Radiation

The Infinite Energy Cycle

Quantum Steps as Harmonic Steps

Energy Upshift via Mixing

Frequency Mixing Chart   Fig. 2

Olbers' Paradox

Blackbody Radiation Chart   Fig. 3

Creation of Momentum    cont.

RF Rad. Mixing Data

Matter as Radiation

Basic Model of Particle

Round Particles via Linear Rad.

Uncertainty Principle

Conservation of Matter and Energy

Compression vs Tension

Max. Strength of Materials  Fig. 5

Dimensional Units of Mass

Nuclear Mass Shielding

Stepped Mass Loss Graph

Source of Mass

Ref. Links and Translations

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Force Interactions

Force Field Interactions

Force System Types

Isotropic Source Systems

Gravity via Multiple Force Systems

Point Source Systems

Electrostatic Force System

Conduction as Events

Magnetic Force Systems

Creation of Momentum and Inertia

Rotational Momentum

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Characteristics of Energy

Seat of Kinetic Energy

Energy via the Sink-Source System

EM Radiation and Photo Emission


Space Dimensions

Other Models

Ether System

Quantum Models

Mach's Principle


The Big Bang Paradox

Manipulation of Remote Force

Light Speed vs Relativity


Light's Variable Speed

Special Relativity Advocates

Io's Eclipse Delays

Roemer's 1003 Second Delay

Delay vs Transverse Motion

Io's Eclipse Delays

Charts of Io's Delays

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Light Speed versus Relativity    continued

Light's Moving Medium via Prime Force Radiation

Light's Characteristics

The Second Version of Relativity

Non Constant Speed Data: NASA

Astronomy On Line   Excel Data

Astronomy On Line Data text format

Louis Essen On Special Relativity

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False Constant Lite Spd


The Constant Light Speed Assumption

Falsification of the Light Speed Assumption

Falsification of General Relativity

The 2nd Falsification of General Relativity

Links Used List

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Double Force Paradox


Reviewing the Models of Gravitation

The Mass Attraction Models

The GR Model of Gravitation

Public Domain Statement

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Newton’s Ref. to the Cause of Gravity

The Radiation Pressure Model

In Summary

Radiation Pressure Ref. Papers


Addendum: Arithmetic

Gravitational Constants


The Gravity Maximum

Fig. 1 Gravity vs Area

Densare Shielding Max.

Gravitational Pressure Max.

Deriving " G " & " g "via 
Radiation Pressure and Orbital Force

Majorana's Absorption Constant

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Gravitational Constants   continued

Mass Anomaly's:  The Sun and Jupiter

Fig. 2 Absorption Chart vs Planet Mass

Fig. 3 Gravimeter Calibration Curve

Addendum A: Shielding Equations

Addendum B Shielding by Lake Water

Addendum C:  Math Assumptions

Reference: Grav. Constants

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Creation of Energy

Abstract:Creation of Energy

Cosmic Electric Force Fields

Image, Volts via Shielding

Cosmic Voltage Extremes

The Sun's Energy Source

Creation of Energy    continued

Vanishing Electrons
Manifestation of Energy

Image, Mt. Rinjani

Electric Polarization of Earth

Gravity Assist Propulsion

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Reviews & Letters, Pro & Con

Gravity Links
( Deutsch )

Guides to Physical Reality 

Waterloo of Relativity

Student Educational Links 

Gravity Experiments

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Medical Skullduggery

Ref: Books & Web Sites

TTranslations of Site

Images:   Web Site

Internet Links

To RF Energy Section

Abstract RF Energy

Demo.s Iono. Eng,   Summary

Aurora Borealis

Introduction * RF Energy
RF Energy via Lightning Trigger

RF Energy via Lightning Trigger   enlarged

Related Topics;  RF Energy Links

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RF Energy via Ionospheric Resonance

Natural Ionospheric Spectrogram

RF Eng. Resonance via Ionosounding
RF Energy Resonance on Ionograms

Moray's Energy Experiments

Site Page List

Demo.s of Elec. Solar/Iono. Pwr. Page.

Iono. Resonance via Transmitter

Stimulating Iono. Resonance via Transmitter

Ionospheric Energy Research, NRL   Review

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Summary of Data

Demonstration of Energy 


RF Energy Local Index

Figures and Images


Surface Gravity & Densare FIG. 1

Gravitational Shadowing FIG. 2

Absence of Quakes at Poles Fig. 2B

Mars Gravity Map FIG. 3

Moon Gravity Map

Stepped Mass Loss FIG. 4

Matter from Radiation

Demonstration of Energy

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